KMS Coaches' Corner


What ideas do you have for keeping all types of learners engaged during review/remediation time?  How can we use our new technology tools when reviewing test questions or essential vocabulary? How do we make it hands-on? Kinesthetic? Memorable?


We know that students who read more, become better readers.  And students who are allowed to select what they read are more engaged and more likely to actually read.  How can we make best use of our flexibly-scheduled media center, to keep books in our students' hands?  How can we best use 4th block, to ensure that students are reading during reading time?  How can we help students to take responsibility for getting to the media center when they need a book?  Your thoughts are welcome!


"What technology can I use?"
"How can I activate their prior knowledge?"
"What notes should they take? On what?"
"How should I have them summarize?"
"Should I let them read in partners? Alone?"
"Should we read the textbook or an article about this?"

There are so many questions to ask yourself when planning lessons.  Have you found a good way to organize your lesson planning process?  Do you have a checklist? Is it all in your head?  Let's share ideas on how you manage your lesson planning process!