KMS Coaches' Corner

Have you ever looked at the scratch paper when you collect it after testing? What do you see?  “I *heart* Robbie” with a million hearts colored in? The student’s name over and over and over and over and over? Intricate highlighter designs?

Mr. Mueller has been wondering (and I agree!) if the scratch paper might be an untapped resource for our students during testing.  What can students do with the scratch paper that would help them on the Reading EOG?

·         Block off small sections of text to “chunk” it and not feel overwhelmed.
·         Cover up the answer choices and force themselves to produce an answer to the question BEFORE reading the choices. Then see which one matches best.
·         Guide their reading line by line, or paragraph by paragraph.
·         Divide or fold the paper into sections (one per passage) and write their purpose for reading, key words from the questions, or something else to refer to.
·         What else??? (Go to the coaches’ blog and share your ideas.)