KMS Coaches' Corner


I am so excited about how much the COWs have been used and continue to be used.  I would like to give the step-by-step instructions on how to check out a COW!
Go to the KMSCoaches Weebly (If you are reading are Very Warm!)
Select "COW Checkout"
Fill in the blanks (Be very detailed!)
The submitted request will come to the Coaches
On a first come basis the COW will be assigned to meet your requested needs and placed on the calendar (Apps on G:, Files, Protected, Administration, Teacher Information, folder named "COWS and Qwizdom") 
Check there for your reservations!!

Now having said all of that...I would like to know how I can make your life easier!  Do you have any suggestions for improving this process? 


Here are some Internet sites that allow you (and of course your students!) to create time lines.  What a great possibility for students to creatively exhibit their mastery of a sequence.  This can be an event or era in history, a biography, a plan, or something that I haven't thought of yet!  Most also allow embedded images or even videos.  Feel free to add other sites you know of.


Mnemograph  remember, plan, learn



CIT discussed the fact that some teachers felt anxious about how to share technology during PTSO night. (The minutes are saved on the network.)  This is an opportunity for our students to communicate with their parents, particulary about the new technologies we have and how they are used in the classroom.  Each classroom will look and sound different. The point is: students are communicating with their parents about their learning.

Post your ideas here.  What will your classroom look like during PTSO?


Post here any suggestions for, obstacles with, or questions about Qwizdom sets. 


Let's hear it:  What is the absolute best thing that's happened in your classroom these first two weeks???  And, what is the absolute worst thing that's happened?

Let's celebrate your successes and discuss your obstacles.  By sharing your best experience so far, you might give others an idea.  By sharing your worst experience, maybe you can help prevent something similar in another classroom or offer some troubleshooting advice!