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This topic came up a few times during the Coaches' Clinic blog time.  Post your questions/ad

10/29/2008 03:21:44

Well, right or wrong, I haven't used this with kids at school but I did do it (as practice) with Jacob. We picked out some pictures and he talked about them. Then, I sent it to our family. They LOVED hearing his voice and his explainations. I am sure I could find a way to use this in just takes some planning time (which I don't have right now)!

11/1/2008 09:06:58

Cara and I presented at the state media conference about digital storytelling, specifically PhotoStory3. (It was well received.) I am convinced that there are ways for it to be useful in all curricular areas. We'll look for opportunities. In the mean time, you're incorporating lots of things to engage your kids, so don't feel rushed.

1/20/2009 21:06:09

I would like to incorporate this. Does anyone have ideas on how this could work with Africa or Asia?

2/9/2009 02:41:08

I haven't used Movie Maker in class, and I wish I could because I enjoyed learning about it. But, one problem may be that the computers in my class don't have the capabillity to run the program. When Mrs. Pitts' students tried to show me their movie trailers from earlier in the year on my computers, they could open their files, but they would not run. Do the computers need better processors?


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