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This blog entry is dedicated to sharing ideas on how to incorporate this year's election in your classrooms.  Post your comments here with ideas for the different subject areas.  For example, LA can focus on persuasive techniques in campaign ads, SS can discuss candidates' platforms and how different programs could affect the state/country/world.  Science can identify the candidates' take on the environment. P.E. can analyze each candidate's approach to solving national health issues.  You get the idea. Post your ideas/resources for your subject area and any others here!

9/2/2008 22:57:37

With the election being on everyone's mind, I would love ideas! I had previously thought about using the election statistics as a discussion point with my kids...what does that statistic really mean?

Can we do a mock election and use the data collected in our classrooms - mean, median mode, box & whisker plots, pie charts, etc? I am sure other areas could also incorporate the results in their classroom and compare it to that national results! Hmmm...

9/3/2008 10:34:25

In science I think we could look at graphing how the candidates are doing in each /area/state/nationally. Survey the school for who they will vote for and have students make predictions and then check out the results. we could compare boy and girl results. I am so glad I remembered how to do this blogging thing. There is good information when you blog. I also want to personally say thank you to you and Debby for stepping in

9/4/2008 11:41:26

EduHound's recent newsletter focuses on elections:

Great ideas, ladies. Each team might want to take some time in an upcoming team meeting to discuss ideas to pursue at the team level.

9/10/2008 05:20:38

Both presidential candidates wrote exclusive essays for the new issue of Teaching Tolerance magazine, outlining how young people can shape this election and our world.

"Choices for a Rising Generation" <> by Senator Barack Obama

"A More Peaceful and Prosperous World" <> by Senator John McCain

Sherry Elvington
9/21/2008 04:44:08

As a part of Constitution Day, this past week, my students and I began class with a prior knowledge of assessment of the various powers of the presidency. I made several statements like: You must be born in the United States to be elected president; and, The citizens of the U.S. elect the President. If the students agreed with the statement they went to one side of the room and if they disagreed they went to the other side of the room. I then used my mimio and pulled up Article II of the Constitution that describes the powers of the presidency. Students and I highlighted the passages that addressed the statements and we discussed the electoral college, and other points of interests raised by the students as we reviewed Article II.

9/23/2008 00:25:30

Thanks, Doug, for this fantastic website that features each candidate's platform on major issues in an engaging way:

10/28/2008 04:28:12

Social Studies teachers will be having students elect candidates on the Kids Voting election ballot they have created. Check out


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