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How do we help prepare students for a test that requires reading and thinking stamina for hours at a time?

Remind students we have put some things in place throughout the year to help increase their ability to get in a reading “flow” – 4th period reading time, reading longer texts during class, and teaching them reading strategies to use so that they are actively involved in their reading.  Consider showing this video about effort:

However, students must help themselves stick with EOG reading by:
·         being actively (not passively!) involved with the reading – use the strategies/tools they have been taught (check for understanding, reread, visualize, summarize in the margins, ask questions, etc.)

·         getting an overall picture of the selection by browsing/skimming it – if they have an idea of what’s coming, they can set a goal to make it through section by section

·         having a purpose/question to drive them to finish each selection (see EOG Thought #3)

·         figuring out ahead of time what works to focus their attention back to the test: Changing positions? Reading the longer selections first?  Mental rewards after each selection? Guiding the reading with the scratch paper? A visual reminder of why they should give their best effort?

Talk to your students about this and see what advice they can offer to each other. Post additional ideas on the coaches’ blog:

5/2/2010 09:59:19 pm

They must be physically ready. They can not come to school tired. They must rest and relax before the test. We can try to teach them how to not stress.

5/3/2010 11:29:04 pm


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