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What was the most valuable piece of information or skill you learned during the professional development week in December?  Share with your colleagues here!
1/7/2010 08:49:11 pm

The brain-based learning and Vocab 2.0 were personally valuable lessons. By combining the foldables, and environment tips in brain-based to the 6 steps in teaching vocabulary I feel much more confident in helping my students learn, internalize and apply technology vocabulary in a meaningful way.

1/7/2010 08:55:57 pm

Wellll.... unfortunately because of the cancellation I was only able to go to the one.

Regardless, the one I did go to was great! We talked about the importance of inquiry in the classroom, discussed open ended questions, and were able to brainstorm about lessons we will create using these. I already began my 3 day activity that began in there!

I wish I was able to get into more of those classes. And I definitely look forward to the webpaging one when it is resceduled.

I still would like more information on the different usages of the new CPS system as well as ways to fit lap cart lessons into my curriculum effectively.


Lu graham
1/7/2010 09:08:10 pm

Really enjoyed Google tools presentation- Lots of need shortcuts and apps- look forward to making up webpaging workshoop- Would like to learn more on virtual field trips and glogs-


1/7/2010 09:21:36 pm

I LOVED Molly Charles' mimo session. I am using mimio so much more because of it!

1/7/2010 09:21:44 pm

For me, the Brain-Based Learning session was the most valuable. I learned several strategies to get my students talking without feeling threatened, yet "on alert." I also LOVED learning about using foldables in my classroom. I have used "flipables" for a while, but never foldables!


1/7/2010 09:27:31 pm

I learned a lot from Molly on things to do with mimio. I really enjoyed the small session with her and was able to take a lot from it.

Steve Fulton
1/7/2010 09:45:04 pm

The web tools session was great! I love using interactive websites, but searching for new tools that I can use in class takes a TON of time. I'll find something that looks good, then after testing it out for an hour, I discover it doesn't work OR discover that it would be great but the site gets blocked when the kids access it.

This session provided a bunch of website that have already been tested out, and the instructors explained how it could work in my class. Each session was quick, as not to waste too much time if the tool was not applicable, and the presenters did a great job.

Danah Hughes
1/7/2010 09:47:00 pm

I really enjoyed the just-one-thing session using and As we all know typing in a URL can be a class period in itself and is a site that will shorten and customize any URL to your liking. I recently shorten a long and complicated URL to It took a minute or two for my entire class to get on the same page, it saved us a lot of class time.

1/7/2010 11:13:56 pm

Advanced Mimio was the boom!!!!! I really learned alot from Molly. The recording component was really useful. CPS was informative as well.


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