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CIT discussed the fact that some teachers felt anxious about how to share technology during PTSO night. (The minutes are saved on the network.)  This is an opportunity for our students to communicate with their parents, particulary about the new technologies we have and how they are used in the classroom.  Each classroom will look and sound different. The point is: students are communicating with their parents about their learning.

Post your ideas here.  What will your classroom look like during PTSO?

carrie johnson
9/17/2008 09:46:37 pm

I plan to have out a lab that I did with the kids. Instead of me doing it, I will have a student show those who are in the room. All of this is done under the Data Camera so that everyone in the room can see what they are doing.

Jan McCombs
9/18/2008 03:13:50 am

I have selected several students that seem very comfortable with the new technology. I am going to have Quizdoms and they can demonstrate to the parents. We are doing them for the first time tomorrow in class so I can be better prepared. Wish me luck!!!!! My two year old grandaughter Berkeley will be having eye surgery on Monday so I won't be here. Since they are putting her to sleep, I just wanted to be with my son and his wife. I hope things will be ready for Tuesday night.

Sherry Elvington
9/21/2008 04:38:41 am

As a part of the Dell Tech-Know program, I will have three computers open for people to look inside the computer. I am hoping to have Dell Tech-Know students available to identify the components inside the computer.

For my classroom, I hoping to have parents take a portion of the test that my students took that morning, using Qwizdom.

Anita Parker
9/22/2008 05:24:34 am

I plan to use a lesson I did a couple of weeks ago. All the students were comfortable using the mimio to maneuver on the pages we used on observations and measurement. I plan to put that up and have the students teach their parents how to use the interactive white board.

9/25/2008 01:31:12 am

I had a great open house. I had several laptops open for kids to show off their ebooks they made using power point. I also had mimio up with a picture/map from google earth that allowed the kids to identify places in NC. The kids loved showing thier little brothers and sisters how to use this. I wish more parents would have come to see all the hard work their kids did.

Beth Spell
9/25/2008 04:08:17 am

This is the BEST PTSO night that I have EVER been to! You ALL are AWESOME!


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