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Congratulations to all who attended and survived the challenges of the staff retreat at Xtreme Challenge!  What  was your reaction to the retreat?  How are you feeling about the new appraisal instrument?  What did you learn about yourself or your colleagues during the Challenge Walk?  What connections can you make to the classroom?
Robert Brantley
6/15/2010 04:11:51 am

Overall, I think the Xtreme Challenge was a good thing and gave us all the chance to learn just a little bit more about 1 another. The new appraisal instument makes perfect sense to me because it addresses the basis for all good teaching and learning at any level. And by the way, us mighty Misfits might fit in just a little bit better now, LOL :)

Carrie Johnson
6/15/2010 04:56:30 am

My reaction to the retreat was fun until I learned we would do more workshop than team building at Extreme Challenge. I don't like to toot my own horn and feel that is what we have to do with the teacher appraisal. I am worried of not documenting all that do for many things I just do without to much thought to it or proof of doing it. I learned I could do more than I thought I could. I also recognized that I do not want to disappoint my team and will push myself to do something even though I am not comfortable doing it. My team members were AWESOME! We found everyone's strengths, listened to each other, waited on each other and provided the helping hand to get each other. The team challenge reminded me that this is what I want in my classroom and team as a whole. I would love it if we could take the kids to Extreme Challange or create activities here at KMS that showed/allowed our students to work together as a team at the beginning of the year.

Megan Wease
6/15/2010 09:52:26 am

I still don't know if I enjoyed Xtreme Challenge or not. I enjoyed working with the people I was put with. I learned that I am a follower until I had to be a leader. I am a litle nervous about the teacher appraisal system. I am a bit like Carrie. I don't like to toot my own horn. I am the leader in my classroom, but we can't all be the leader outside of our classroom. If that were the case, who would we be leading?

Lou Mueller
6/15/2010 01:06:49 pm

I enjoyed the X-treme Challenge and the opportunity to work with fellow colleges in a different environment. I actually felt the cohesiveness building within and passion the staff put into the challenges presented; while correcting grammar along the way! I considered it reinforcing what I already knew about our staff. Although I felt many of those tasks were minimal upon what we face in the classroom on a daily basis. The new instrument will also be challenging but I look at it has a chance to improve and present what we already do in the classroom, and a opportunity to showcase our skills as educators.

Kelley Warren
6/16/2010 01:28:28 am

I really enjoyed the Challenge. I learned many things about my collegues that will only benefit us at KMS. We truely work together and just think how beneficial it is for our students. The new self reflection tool will make me more critical of myself and I say "BRING IT ON." I want that CHALLENGE!!

Sherry Elvington
6/16/2010 10:05:41 pm

Playing and joking with my team mates made the heat bearable and the obstacles (that I could do) fun! I enjoyed cheering on my team mates when there was something that I couldn't do! The experience reinforced the fact that we have one of the most supportive and encouraging and gracious and ... (Please fill in any appropriately positive words you can think of) staff. Coming to work is a joy.

As to the teacher appraisal instrument, if it helps make me a better teacher, I am all for it.


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