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Let's hear it:  What is the absolute best thing that's happened in your classroom these first two weeks???  And, what is the absolute worst thing that's happened?

Let's celebrate your successes and discuss your obstacles.  By sharing your best experience so far, you might give others an idea.  By sharing your worst experience, maybe you can help prevent something similar in another classroom or offer some troubleshooting advice!

9/5/2008 01:33:49 pm

Best Thing - Kids excited about using the interactive TI-83 calculator, excited to come up and explain their methods/ideas!

Worse Thing - Well, not much 'bad' has happened...but I am sad I haven't used more (quizdom, web quests, etc.)

9/6/2008 12:04:27 am

Erica, there is lots of time to incorporate the variety of technology that is now available to us. Do not feel sad that you haven't used more in the first two weeks! The good thing is that you are introducing the pieces methodically, and as they make sense in delivering instruction. Good job!

9/8/2008 04:47:50 am

best thing- students ability to problem solve when I can't figure something out on the computer or other piece of equipment. I have learned more about powerpoint in the last 2 days than I've taught.

worst thing- trying to humble myself enough to take their advice.

9/8/2008 09:49:40 pm

Best thing: The creativity that is coming out in class... like "Long Crack Man" teaching us to remember longitude and latitude.
Worst thing: Just struggling through getting things done efficiently. I find myself typing the same names over and over into different documents. There has to be a way to type them once, then use them for most of the paper work we need to keep.

9/8/2008 11:37:39 pm

Best thing: Kids are excited about using technology and they can't wait to share it with their family.

Worst thing: It would help if I plugged the microphone into the correct USB instead of the Ethernet plug.

9/9/2008 12:07:27 am

Waugh you just can't get away from the past can you. "long crack man"

9/9/2008 06:56:26 am

Beth Spell
9/9/2008 07:02:21 am

Best thing: Seeing all the technology being used and attempted! Letting the students help you when you make mistakes gives them ownership and a stake in the end product. It helps you both!
Yes Warren really did that!!! But she learned from her mistake!! Right??

Worst thing: Being stuck in my office under piles of paperwork! But it is for the good of everyone!! Be patient and I can promise that all of the usernames and passwords will work before the end of school!! ;0)


9/10/2008 08:56:09 am

It seems like there are fewer discipline problems since this mimio stuff is is new for the kids. I have more kids raising their hands to come to the board to do the "cha cha" slide. You will have to ask Cara and Lynn what I am talking about. They want to use the mimio pen and such in the interactive lessons that are planned. I hope this continues as we move on into the year. I realize that it is only day 10.

Oh the frustrations. The worst thing that happen is when I planned a lesson that involved using the mimio for the entire lesson and I spent about fifteen minutes trying to get it to work when the computer locked up on me. I felt lost for a minute because I thought to myself what will I do. I want to use this technology. I have two more classes to teach. I think in my mind that I really did not want to go back to the worksheet deal. This would be cheating the students. So we brainstormed together and finally after a call to the office, a phone call from Cara with suggestions, and my just deciding to turn the computer off and back on again we were ready for the rest of the class. With this experience I realize that the use of this technology is going to take time and energy. I must be patient and use all the tools and resources I have. Yes even the students can teach us a thing or two.

9/14/2008 03:31:16 am

Best thing - (2) seeing the final photostory creations the kids made, and seeing 4 girls problem solve all period just to figure out how they could get our dead laptops working.

Wors thing - my own impatience.

Lynn Mallory
9/30/2008 05:57:19 am

Best thing: French skits videotaped with the flip cameras. They went so well that now we're doing French weather forecasts!

Worst thing: No wireless access in the trailers makes it impossible to use the mimio for anything on the internet out here. Also, I win the prize as the first to lose my dongle. Yes, it's gone. If you see it wandering around school somewhere, please return it!!


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