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Thanks to an excellent question by Leslie Fitzpatrick, we have found some cool (and free) software you might like.  If you want to create an online quiz or practice sheet and have your students' results e-mailed to you, try one of these:
Question Writer: http://www.questionwriter.com/free-quiz-software.html
ClassMarker: http://www.classmarker.com/?g=teacher.net
QuizzlerPro: http://www.quizzlerpro.com/

We have only looked at the sites and haven't tried them yet, so if you check one of these out, put your comments here!!!  Your students won't need their own e-mail address...they just click on your link, respond, and click "submit" - sounds useful!

By the way, I just learned that every teacher has access to all student network folders! Did you know that, too?

Kelly Burgess
8/25/2008 21:23:56

I haven't played with the quizdoms yet, but I was wondering if any of these quizes could be imported into the quizdom software? That would allow teachers to save a step if they wanted to share quizes for different purposes...

8/25/2008 23:03:04

I love this idea. And...for you people out there that are good with Quizdom, please help me! I need a one-on-one!

Cara Wolford
8/26/2008 06:12:55

Good question, Kelly. As soon as someone tries it, let us know!
A big congratulations to Mr. Szakal, Mr. Waugh, Mrs. Elvington, and Mrs. Wease for a successful day of Qwizdom use! On the second day of school even! Erica, these guys are definitely your first resource!

9/1/2008 23:10:31

I am like Erica I have no clue to quizdoms even though I plan to try them out on Friday if they are available. I am going to check into those websites. However, I will then need a laptop cart for my classroom.


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