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Did you create a website with Weebly, the program that many of us learned about this summer?   It offers a basic and seemingly user-friendly format, but many of us are experiencing frustrations with it.  We're hearing about some tips and hard-won lessons, which we offer here.  Please add your own tips, or questions for your colleagues.

Weebly Tip #1:  Use a mouse.  It seems to go much more smoothly if you do your editing via mouse rather than the touchpad.

Weebly Tip #2:  Be patient.  The program does not respond to your input immediately, and it looks like nothing has happened.  Give it a few seconds.

Weebly Tip #3:  If you want to extend the page beyond the initial dimensions, do it by adding content to the middle rather than the bottom of your page.  (Thanks to Michele Pitts for this tip).

8/20/2008 12:15:20

I found that if the site "freezes" or you get the Oops message if you'll close out and then re-enter it works better! It's so easy to upload information on, and so easy to change it's worth the headache!

8/21/2008 03:35:34

Does anyone know if you can post a video on Weebly besides YouTube videos. For example, when we coaches catch you doing something awesome, we want to tape it and post it here for others to see. Do we have to put it on YouTube first, or can we just throw a video file on the website?

8/21/2008 22:13:05

I know that you can post other videos on the website, I'm just not sure how. Which brings me to my question...How can I upload any YouTube video I want and not the one that automatically comes up???

8/21/2008 22:34:33

I have the same question as Joey( I think). How can I save a youtube or teacher tube video to my hard drive or flash drive to use in class without relying on the internet to be up and running? Or is this not legal?
Thank you for all your help, you guys(well technically gals) are awesome!!

8/21/2008 23:36:58

Joey's question: After Weebly inserts their youtube video, click inside the video box and look for the editing toolbar that flashes up (like when you edit text on Weebly). Look for the box with the youtube link and copy and paste the link you want.

Todd: From what I heard Clif or Drew say, downloading a youtube/teachertube video is illegal. We do have Orbit software on our laptops to do this, though. Let's see what Beth/Debby have to say...

8/22/2008 13:49:32

If I copy and paste the link to my weebly as the YouTube video am I ok? I am a little confused with all of the legal/illegal stuff! Thanks

8/24/2008 08:53:38

Erica, you can put a hyperlink to a youtube video on your Weebly. But you can also insert it using the "YouTube Video" feature that Weebly provides. It's under the multimedia tab, I believe.

8/24/2008 09:30:32

It is not illegal, as I understand, to link a YouTube video. It is illegal to download/save/capture it.

8/25/2008 23:03:43

Thanks! I didn't see the link part on weebly--I will find it, though!

8/28/2008 22:39:33

I tried to post a power point and it looked like it took, but I wasn't able to view it when I went into the site a a student would. has anyone been successful with this???? If so HELP. LOVE YA!


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