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Here are some Internet sites that allow you (and of course your students!) to create time lines.  What a great possibility for students to creatively exhibit their mastery of a sequence.  This can be an event or era in history, a biography, a plan, or something that I haven't thought of yet!  Most also allow embedded images or even videos.  Feel free to add other sites you know of.


Mnemograph  remember, plan, learn




09/21/2008 15:47

Here's another one...
You have to scroll down a little bit.)

What uses can you guys think of for a timeline in your subject area?

09/24/2008 05:05

devin goenner has created a website for the teachers!! Check it out!

bridgette reese
09/24/2008 05:06

here is the website (oops)

Bernard Waugh
09/25/2008 09:28

OK, so I know this is overstating the obvious for SS, but since we study such a wide range of areas, it may be beneficial when we get to regions to plot major dates on a timeline. By comparing timelines, or merging them for various regions, students could get a more well rounded idea of the chronology of history.


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