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Archived "Bits and Pieces"

Here's an educator's blog about the best websites for info on using blogs in your classroom:
Larry is an ESL specialist, but has info that is helpful to all of us!

Some teachers said it would be nice to have a source for education clip art.  Here's a start:

Websites that provide reading practice at all levels, even very beginning readers:   and (click on "Grade level help K-8"). 

Tne company that provides the software Inspiration has an online version, Webspiration.  It is available for a trial Beta version.  During this public beta, they're asking you and your colleagues to provide feedback throughout the beta period. To sign up for this public beta, visit

The BrainPOP website is currently giving free access to all Election videos.  Don't know what BrainPOP is?  It's worth a few seconds to check out:

Students can make their own 2-, 3-, or 4- panel comic strip here: Make Beliefs Comix  (see ours above!)
Sorry - looks like this needs to be overridden!  Talk to Beth about options.  Here are some other sites for comic making: