KMS Coaches' Corner

Instructional Strategies

When used together, these types of literacy strategies maximize student learning. Although it may not be necessary/possible to use all four strategies in every lesson, each one plays a part in helping students comprehend and retain content material.  Below is a partial list of strategies. Part of my job is to support you by planning with you, modeling, co-teaching, and/or visiting with you in your classroom. Scroll down for a Word file with strategy descriptions (created by Heather Myers, Literacy Coach) . 

Activating Strategies
Anticipation/Reaction Guide
List/Group/Label (Dump and Clump)
Walk Around Survey
Word Splash

Organizing Strategies
Content Frames
Jigsaw/Missing Pieces
Read, Cover, Remember, Retell
Sticky Notes
Target Notes
Two-Column Notes

Comprehending Strategies
Collaborative Listening and Viewing Guide
Give One-Get One
Problem/Solution Guide
Sentence Expansion
Talking Drawings
Trading Cards

Summarizing Strategies
Exit Slips
Final Countdown (3-2-1 Review)
Four Corners
Free Form Mapping
Learning Frames
One Sentence Summary
Shaping Up Review

Vocabulary Strategies
Concept Circles

Frayer Model
Verbal-Visual Word Association
Vocabulary Cartooning

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