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Cara Wolford, Literacy Coach

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Instructional Strategies
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To maximize content learning, design your lesson to include the following:
Activating Strategy: build/access students' prior knowledge
Organizing Strategy: help students "chunk" new information
Comprehending Strategy: provide opportunity for students to transform information into something meaningful
Summarizing Strategy: allow time for summary/review


5 Things You Can Do to Improve Student Literacy in Your Classroom

1. Emphasize comprehension strategies (self-monitoring, questioning, summarizing, visualizing, etc.) with your subject texts.

2. Provide opportunities for students to interact and discuss the text.

3. Activate/build students' prior knowledge before engaging in the content.

4. Help students set a purpose for reading and organize the information.

5. Choose/Let them choose interesting and diverse texts!

some of this list based on Joseph Torgeson's article on