KMS Coaches' Corner

Debby Smith, Media Coordinator

My primary roles involve information skills and media resources.  I want to help you by suggesting and providing resources (books, videos, websites, periodicals, research) in support of your curriculum and lesson design.  Also, I will assist in figuring out the best way to incorporate Information Skills (especially the Big6 model) in any of your lessons.


Sources and Resources:

Country    Login:  kannapolisms     Password:  eagles

Photos for student projects:  Search under “Attribution License” by clicking on “See More.”  Then search by topic.  These pictures are offered by their photographers for non-commercial use; simply list the photographer’s name for credit.

Sprixi  This site offers copyright-friendly photos, with the easiest attribution ever:  You can choose to download a photo with the credit imbedded in a tiny typface at the bottom.

Woophy  Photos from around the world, free for non-commercial use.  Searchable by map, country or keyword.

Public image archive  Free images for your inspiration, reference and use in your creative work, be it commercial or not!


Digital images for Education 
Film and digital images that capture British and world history during the last 25 years.  (Will be fully loaded in summer 2010.)

America As It Was  -  a huge resource for vintage postcards in the U.S., organized by state. Any postcard first published in the U.S. before 1978 without an explicit copyright notice is public Domain. Lots of photos, aerial views, and maps of many U.S. locations.

Easy Stock Photos - Royalty free stock photos, pictures, images and information in the public domain - Collection of public domain photos organized by category in image galleries.  Browse by topic or search by subject.  Again, give credit simply by listing the photographer’s name.  Online image editor allows you to add text to photo (an easy way to credit the photographer) and perform many other edits.

Public Domain Image Gallery Hundreds of categorized photos free for public use. Images added frequently.

Videos and clips for classroom use:  Formerly known as United Streaming.  If you do not have a Username and Password, see me.  (United Streaming logins work here.)  This year in addition to the video library of Discovery Education, we have added PBS, AIM, and Clearvue.  Each is searched individually.  15-minute presentations by some of the most inspiring and challenging thinkers of our time.  Huge variety of topics.  You know this one.  It will work better for you if you use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer.  segments and full videos

Music for student projects:  Library of royalty-free instrumentals and sound effects, free for educational use.  To access it, SCROLL DOWN to the Music Promo Login in the right-hand column.  Enter kannapolisms for the user name and m87g5s4 for the password.  A library of public domain or ‘Attribution-Share Alike’ licensed music.  Use freely in your works, but give credit to the original creator.  Searchable by genre.

Technology-enhanced alternatives to book reports

Student book reviews

Through Destiny, our online library catalog, you and your students can review books.  Reviews are posted and students can see what their friends think of a particular book.  Would you like your students to write and publish book reviews?  I'll be happy to come to your class and introduce this feature to your class.