KMS Coaches' Corner

Technology Facilitator Beth Spell

I am here to provide you with technology assistance.  I will support you in your endeavors to become a 21st century educator.  I will work with groups or one-on-one assisting in the integration of technology into your lesson plans so we can meet the needs of the 21st Century Learner.  

 For the faculty, we (Media, Literacy and Technology Coaches) will provide professional development, model lessons, co-planning, and co-teaching.  I will offer professional development after school to give you the opportunity to advance or learn new technology skills. 

I am looking forward to working with you this year and I am extremely happy to join the KMS family.  

Internet Safety and Websites

1. When you are creating your webpages, please do not give out private information.  It is easy enough for predators to finds us without us giving them a map.
2. Do not give students names and pictures on your site.
3. Remember that your page is reflecting KMS/KCS...make it professional.
4. Keep it simple and try not to make it scroll and scroll and scroll.  If it has a lot of reading on it...they will not read it.

Laptop and Qwizdom Checkout

Go to the pages that have been created and fill out the form that has been provided.  I will check this several times a day.  For the laptops, please be exact about when you are using them and what you are using them for.  I expect to be busy with the carts!!!  That would be a good thing!!!  ;0)