KMS Coaches' Corner


Okay, so I'm going to be selfish and dedicate a whole blog entry to Literacy Coaching.  By now, you are probably diving right into the first unit of your content.  As I said at the staff meeting, my main role is to help you find the most effective ways for your students to become literate in your subject area.  This goes beyond reading and writing to include listening, speaking, viewing, and even thinking!

I am here to help you plan, deliver, and evaluate your instruction.  I am here to help you reflect on your teaching, identify best practices, learn from and share with others, and ultimately improve student literacy. I will be in classrooms most of the time visiting, co-teaching, and modeling lessons.  As we get past this first week, I ask you to invite me in your classrooms (or say "Yes" when I invite myself!) and think about how I can support you. You bring your expertise, and I can help fit in some new strategies and resources.

So, can some of you that worked with me last year leave a comment here to help clarify what I do and how I can help?  Or if you're confused, ask a question.  Oh, and check out the updated "Literacy" page to see the section on Instructional Strategies.