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I am so excited about how much the COWs have been used and continue to be used.  I would like to give the step-by-step instructions on how to check out a COW!
Go to the KMSCoaches Weebly (If you are reading are Very Warm!)
Select "COW Checkout"
Fill in the blanks (Be very detailed!)
The submitted request will come to the Coaches
On a first come basis the COW will be assigned to meet your requested needs and placed on the calendar (Apps on G:, Files, Protected, Administration, Teacher Information, folder named "COWS and Qwizdom") 
Check there for your reservations!!

Now having said all of that...I would like to know how I can make your life easier!  Do you have any suggestions for improving this process? 

Jan McCombs
9/27/2008 03:52:21

Maybe it would help to put the instructions on the announcements. If teachers aren't checking the websites, then they really don't know how important it is to check the schedule before they take a cart.

10/10/2008 04:33:01

Okay, I haven't checked out the COWS before. When you request a cow, does it go back to a blank page to request a COW? I just want to make sure my request went through. :)

10/10/2008 04:41:58

Yes, it will go back to a blank submission form when you're done. If you scroll down to the bottom it will actually say "Thank you. Your request has been submitted." or something like that.

10/26/2008 08:01:42

Could we "color" the cows with spots using contact paper so the kids could visually see what cart is the blue or the black or # 3. I have a vision of Chick-fil-a type colored cow carts.

I say (type) this because I always have 1 or 2 kids who put the wrong laptop back in the wrong cart. Let me know and I can help "spot" them.

10/28/2008 04:26:27

I have made a comment on the blog now.

10/30/2008 00:22:05

Good idea Porsche! We discussed it at the beginning of the year of putting cow spots on the carts. I will definitely look into this!! ;0)


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