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EOG Thought #2
Try teaching this strategy for answering multiple choice questions, and see if your students find it helpful: After reading (and rereading, and restating) the question, cover up the answer choices and try to produce an answer to the question on your own BEFORE reading the choices.  So instead of immediately reading the four (or 3) answer choices, answer the question first. During practice, you might want to write down your answer right next to the question. Then uncover each answer choice one by one and see which one best matches your answer.
Regina Parker
4/28/2010 12:15:44 am

I used this method in teaching Mrs. Warren's fourth block students. I would ask them the question after they had read, persuading them to answer the question on their own prior to referring to the answer choices. It worked. They answered the questions correctly! It also helps them with putting their thoughts into words.

Danah Hughes
4/28/2010 10:07:39 am

I have been working with my resource class on making predictions based on a passage's title and now EOG answers. I have found that it works really well for those students that do self monitoring. They do take their time when answering questions and have seen the results. On the other hand, I've notice other students practice the strategy for maybe the first two questions and rush through the rest. These are also my students that struggle with self monitoring, lack motivation, and purpose when reading.


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